It has come to that part of the year where one gets to sit down and be grateful for everything that went down within the year.

This year 2017 has been my own year of ENLIGHTENMENT. I choose to call it that because when I look at how everything went for me this year, I’d say it was enlightening. 2017 was the year I fully went into business, self-learning, travels and so much more.

So in these blog post, I’m going to be highlighting how my year went and I will include pictures in every possible place I can.

Quick Note: I’m writing these in December, which means, I might not vividly remember everything that I went through, but I will try as much as possible to write out the major things that happened to me in 2017.

January 2017

Like every beginning of the year, I came into January with the mindset of hitting every single goal I have for the year. In January, I continue my Ecomm / Network Marketing business with Forever. We will be all over the place with adverts from various kind of health challenges you can think of. From High blood pressure, arthritis, men with sexual health problems and so much more.

You name it, whatever health challenges people had, we were promoting different products to solve that problem.

I can recall moving up a level with the company in January, It was a beautiful feeling and I owed it to my team. For there hard work.

A lot of other basic things happened to me in January Like my friend Chidiebere 9 years celebration of being an internet marketer. (Few Pictures Below).

Location: Ikeja Shopping Mall

February 2017

The smallest month of the year happened to the month when I learnt to thrive in whatever situation I find myself. I had several challenges than with my business, and my team did too. Facebook started going bloody against us. Banning several of our ad accounts due to one policy violations or the other.

I don’t blame them then, I guess they were a little tired of approving the same ads over and over again. It was crazy. We had to literary start looking for ways to get better with our adverts and our sales system.

Before I forget, February was the month I paid for my tickets for my team trip to DUBAI,  #178,862 booked from . It was lovely.

I could recollect trying to book but had challenges with it, due to not the fact that i was yet to be issued an international passport. But the guy (Can’t remember his name) who attended to him on phone that night, did everything he could for me to make it successful.

You see, A lot happened to me in February.

March 2017

March was pretty quiet, because my team started to lose our touch, and the majority of my team bent to the pressure we were facing from Facebook. A lot of them left, some stayed to keep fighting and I was there fighting alongside them.

I won’t say this month was bad, but it wasn’t so good either. We all had reduced incomes and reduced morals.

One good thing that happened this month was my phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, It cost me about $220 (Over 80,000 naira) including shipping. I bought it to serve as a camera for my upcoming trip.

I loved every bit that phone. It was a beast then.


April 2017

The beautiful month of April, the month I never dreamed would be possible. It was the month I travelled outside the shores of Nigeria for a vacation to the beautiful city of DUBAI.

It was a dream come through for me, I still have the memories buried at the back of my mind. I could fill these blog post with it. But I won’t, I would instead add few pictures of my trip.

So enjoy them.

Checking in at the Muritala International Airport, Lagos

Boarding first flight from Muritala International Airport, Lagos to have a stopover at Egypt

Stopover in Egypt International Airport

Waiting for my Bag at the Dubai International Airport

More pictures on my personal profile on facebook, Click here: 

May 2017

It was the month when my team fell apart. I still feel sad about it, when I think about it. It was the month we gave up the dream. So may came and go with nothing special to remember about it than my family, friends and I were all alive to see it through.

June 2017

The beginning of my another dream. The beginning of my dream to help as many businesses grow there income using the internet.

This month I decided to get training of over $1000 to be fully equipped for my next challenge.

This wasn’t a challenge I woke up in the morning and I decided to take. It was a challenge, I have had in mind since I heard about marketing 2014 – 2015. So since then, I was busy learning from Email marketing, Cost Per Action Marketing, Pay Per Click, Website Design and so much more.

I was consuming and practising as much as possible.

So June was the decider for me.

July & August 2017

I had to add them together because both are connected. I started July with plans about National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), From registrations to monetary plans, both must importantly I was planning on how to run my business directly from the place I was posted to.

I was then posted to IMO STATE, to undergo the 21 days camping. There I got to meet new people from different states in Nigeria, it was pretty stressful for me Because we were undergoing paramilitary training and other things I wasn’t used to.

Altogether, It was a bit fun. You can take a look at some of the pictures I took while I was at the camp.

September 2017

In September, I was working on my dream, The dream of becoming an expert in the field of Facebook Marketing, Creation of Online Sales Funnel and WordPress. I already had years of experience but I needed to come out of my shell of helping myself alone.

So this month, I had to put a lot of things in place by having a new team to help me with this new dream. So I had our in-house photographer take good pictures of me which are what I used on my website and several of my social media profiles.

He did a great a job, You can contact me for his details.

Next, I set up all my social media accounts and announced myself to the world that I’m open for business.

It was the first step in my plan and I made sure it counts.

October 2017

In this month, I started the 30 days challenge where I was posting one powerful nugget on Facebook marketing, sales funnel and WordPress daily. It was pretty crazy but I love crazy.

It wasn’t easy honestly, but I set the challenge for myself and I made sure I completed it. With this challenge, I started to build followers and gain small recognition which was part of my plan.

It was a pretty tight month but everything went as planned. I got meet one of my mentors in the Internet Marketing Industry. The person of Mr Ronald Ikenna Nzimora. He is the founder of several companies including his Digital marketing agency, Digital Nexus. 

Mr Ronald and I at his Lekki Office, Lagos, Nigeria

November 2017

The month when I started my swimming class. I got pushed into doing something for fun by an internet uncle of mine. He also was into swimming and he motivated me into learning.

So I started, I registered at a hotel a few miles away from my Lagos home.

When i started, It wasn’t easy at all, But I did everything possible to make sure I learned and I did. I will be including a few pictures at the end of this month review.

Later on, in November, I suffered a major health issue that almost cost me my LIFE, but thanks to God, that didn’t happen. Since the issue, I have been taking things a bit slow to avoid another.


During Swimming Class

December 2017

Nothing much happened here. I was busy travelling across states for a few private things.

Oh, that reminds me, My good friend of mine, who we both attended polytechnic together got married.

So I had to come back home to attend her wedding which was held in Ogudu, Lagos. It was my first time going to that area of Lagos.

It was pretty fun, even though I arrived late. Overall December was the month for me to reflect on everything that happened to me through the year and also make plans for 2018.


I can say I have had the best year of my life because I have had other great years, but 2017 is a year I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. I hope you also had a great 2017.


I can’t wait to see what 2018 have got to offer. Thanks, 2017.

Signing Out.
Akintunde Felix.

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