I’m Akintunde Gbenga Felix Ayeoyenikan, Yeah that’s long. (smile)

That’s why I like to shorten it to Akintunde Felix or Akintunde Gbenga Felix.

I’m the first born of my family and we are 3 in number. I was introduced to the internet at a young age, I evolved from configuring ISP setting on mobile phones to learning how to play graphics games on java phones, to becoming the expert i am today and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.

Over the years I have tried my hands quite a number of things.

I have taken classes on Search Engine Optimization, Programming (vb.net, basic java, basic javascript), PPC advertising using Google Adwords and Bing, and so much more.

While trying out all these things, I have always known something was missing, so I kept on studying till I found Website Development (I took HTML, CSS and PHP training) for a while before moving over to WordPress.

After that, I learnt how to properly advertise using Facebook to advertise, and also how to create online sales systems to better sell my products.

Today, I consider myself an Expert in WordPress Website Development, Facebook Advertising and Online Sales Funnel creation.

hold a degree in computer science and have been taking several courses on Facebook Advertisement, Sales Funnel Building, Copywriting and much more that cost thousands of dollars per year.

I’m a member of different communities that majors in Facebook marketing, Sales Funnel development and WordPress websites building.

I have worked with several individuals & companies from all around the world. I own a small business of my own which is part of my bills.

With My Knowledge, I help individuals or companies who want’s to:

  1. Create an internet presence for their business or services,
  2. Bring customers to their website,
  3. Convert the customers to leads, sales or Inquiries Building a converting automated sales system for their business.

One of my goal in life is to allow individual and company’s from all around the world grow their revenue exponentially with the aid of the internet.

Enough about what I can do.

Let’s talk about what I love doing.

I love…


Ever since I was a kid, I have longed to see what’s like to be on a plane travelling to a foreign land to see what it’s like, to eat their food, speak their language and get to understand their culture and so much more.

Lucky enough I had the privilege to travel on a vacation to Dubai and to be honest.

It’s one of the best memories I have.

I enjoyed every bit of it and plan on going there with my family soon.

Dubai have the most amazing buildings i have seen in my life,

Everything there was close to perfect, The malls, the beaches, the streets, and the Airport.


The airport, It’s stunning.

A few pictures from my trip to Dubai

Another thing I love doing…


Yeah, I do love sports, Football, Athletics, Tennis and a few others. It’s one of the few things I do to have fun and also relax.

I love FC Barcelona and I’d love to visit there someday to see the beautiful city and also the stadium.

I was once a footballer for my school and a local club while I was very young. I played 8 and sometimes 10 due to my vision and passing ability.


I did participate in athletics (running and long jump) while in secondary school.

I love waking up in the morning, switching on my mi-fi (internet) to check my E-mails, social media accounts, adverts and also my potential earnings of the day.

I love reading wiki, books on copywriting, advertising, psychology, marketing, leadership, finance, business and so much more. I basically read anything I find meaning in.

I love a whole bunch of other things… Which I can easily share with you over a cup of tea.

Now that you know so much about me.

Wouldn’t it appropriate if I get to know you and also we can work together on a project of yours?

Let's get down to business

Now let’s talk about your business and how we can work together to achieve your business goals

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